Ciao! I’m Sandy! I’m a half Swiss/Itialian/Filipina and I was raised in an island. Literally 16 years of my life consisted of beach trips during the weekend (and even on weekdays) with my family and friends, heading so far we couldn’t even see the city lights anymore. Now that I’m based in Manila Aside from having my own Beach wedding line, blogging, modeling, writing for travel sites and being a 4th year college student , I’m also Marketing specializing on branding handling clients like Kingsmen, RedBlood Clothing etc. All that activities aside, Let me take you on a virtual tour where I will share my work and play experiences here in the beautiful island country Philippines, known as paradise to some but home to me.

“Trust in the vibes, energy does not lie”

Allow me to feed your souls and drive you out of your comfortable city lives and enter a world only a few have found.

There I was, like any normal day, I was lying on the sand, my skin getting kissed by the raying sun and it hit me. Why not make a blog filled with photos and videos on travel and events? and in that moment, I look at the sky, smiled and knew that it’s  the beginning of something amazing.  ♡

Now here it is. The documentation of my experiences with little tips and tricks along the way to help you my fellow dreamer and sun seekers to go out and enjoy everything our mother nature has given us.  ♡

Do let me know your insights because by helping each other boost our souls and calm our minds we can create ideas that can allow ourselves to do more with our lives to change the world, together.